Thursday, 29 December 2016


Sain bhalu baglol shah yar wo jo yar manaAy
       Yar k sath jeay yar k sath mar jaAy.
Tun to kehta tha mil baant k khain gay tun nay mujhay sula bhi na mari rizwan
Tayri mashoq bay chari cheekti chilati rahi tujhay reham bhi na aya tun bana raha aik zalim hayavan.
Kashti chalanay say pehlay chapu seedha kar layna chahiye.Mr Rizwan Roader X Vice President Bermuda Triangle.
Rizwan roader chor day ye harkatain varna mashoor ho jaAy ga tun aik vahshi darinda
Tun most wanted ban jaAy ga aurtain kahain ge hamain rizwan kashmiri chahiye murda ya zinda.
Toba astagfar peer rizwan kashmiri na kar yar
         Har larki say tujhay ho jata hai pyar.
Rizwan kitno k ghar ujaray ga kitni aurton ko apna devana banaAy ga
Rizwan roader mada parasti chor day varna akhirat me tun saza paAy ga.
             Allergy Vaccine Ingredients
 Here is the list of excipients for SLITone Ultra:
       0.Allergen Extract
6.1 List of Excipients
1.Purified Water
3.Sodium Chloride
4.Sodium Bicarbonate
and this is for injection(Alutard):
         0.Allergen Extract
1.Aluminium Hydroxide
2.Sodium Chloride
3.Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate
5.Water for injection
The shelf life for SLITone ultra is typically 3 - 6 months.
For Alutard injections,it is 6 - 12 months.
Kisi jandar ko koi bhi cheez char vajohaat ki bina par reaction karti hai.
1.Cheez theek nahi hai.
2.Cheez theek hai laykin is jandar k liye theek nahi hai.
3.Cheez kisi dosri cheez say interaction karnay k bad theek nahi rahi.
4.Cheez galat tareqay say istamal ki gai hai. 
Peer rizwan tujhay kaisay samjhaon tujhay samajh kyun nahi ati
    Na janay kyun aurat ko daiktay hi tayri neyat badal jati.

Ay meray dost rizwan tun hai kitna javan
Galat kaam na karta to hota Tipu Sultan.
Muzarey sehat ashya ka istamal khud say dushmani hai.Abad (AA) Associate of Arts.
Rizwan tayray samnay darya bohat hain tun tairnay vala ban
    Rizwan tayrak wo hai jisay puri duniya manay tana tan.
Dust Allergen
1.Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus
2.Dermatophagoides ferinae
1.Pollen Allergen
2.Mold Allergen.
Jis shaks k amaal say dosron ko takleef pohanchay wo khuda ka munkar hai phir wo chahay musalman hi kyun na ho.ARK.
Kamray me band kar liya apni jan ko
Raat bhar wo yad karti rahi rizwan ko.

Kanton k bagechay me kali khil gai
Rizwan ko nai mashoq nurse mil gai.
Chaar din ki chandni phir andheyri raat hai
   Aaj rizwan ki nurse k sath mulaqat hai.

 Nurse rizwan ko davai dayti hai aur rizwan nurse ka daru hai
Na school chora na academy ab haspatal me bhi kam jaru hai.

Bay chara rizwan Pakistan ko hi kehta phirt hai Africa
Rizwan tujhay kis nay kaha tha nurse say lagva teka.

    Nurse to aisay hai jaisay pholan devi
Rizvan aisay hai jaisay chipaknay vali layvi.

      O armaan o roader rizwan
Tujh pay hazaron larkiyan qurban.
Mujh say pochtay hain Quaidey Azam ki taarekhay vafat batao
           Aisi baton k baray me janana hai to Library jao.
Moot baray baray pehalvano ko nigal jati hai
Qabar kamil faqeer ka vajood nahi khati hai.
              The Famous Book By ARK
My desire is to bring awareness to my people. This book is an eraser to remove ignorance from your mind and a critical analysis on the thought of fixed mind people. This book is a diamond for a jeweler. This book is not a book actually it is an anti book in which both the positive and negative aspect are explained.After reading this book with a true heart your night of ignorance will go and you will be able to see the day. Just one request to the reader after reading the book don't close your eyes because no one can see the day with closed eyes. The English Language is quite foreign to me, however I have tried my best to poet in this international language because this language is widely spoken in the world. I have chosen this language as a means to convey and impart my thoughts to the readers.
             Your well wisher Abad-ur-Rehman Khan
The writer wish to state that my intention is not to malign, hurt or be disrespectful to any religion, person, country, community or individual. As a whole my quotes or couplets may be objectionable but they are not obscene, vulgar, hateful or violative but they are friendly opppsoite.It is possible that some people may find some of my quotes disturbing for that I apologize three times in advance. The writer believes that positive criticism is necessary for the betterment of society. I have condemned and deplored on the social evils, but the purpose of my quotes is not to degrade any religion and to despise any community.In the end I would like to thank Mr Rizwan Roader X who assisted me in the correction of this literary work.
1.A master is like a fountain that flows between the mountains,
True seeker reaches there because he knows no pains no gains.
2.Avoid pollution breathe free,
        Grow one more tree.
3.   A thief says; I purchased,
Asked from where reply inhaled.
4.        A stick in the hand and says I am a preacher,
With the power of stick everybody can become a teacher.
5.      Actions of Muslims are low and slogans are loud,
They should be ashamed of their actions,but they look proud.
6.Alive is alive and dead is dead,
   Green is green and red is red.
7.A lion full of rage looks better in the cage,
    Do not be stupid to take it out on stage.
8.According to the constitution of Pakistan who acts here,
             Everyone thinks of himself he is Ric Flair.
9.Alright buddy don't cry I surrender because you can't defeat me,
        You can't take this anymore, so I want to set you free.
10.A healthy poor is better than a sick rich,
   A loyal dog is better than a disloyal bitch.
11.       A lot of times I have told,
Wisdom is something more than gold.
12.Abad-ur-Rehman Khan is the poet of Pakistan,
           O Urvashi Rautela you are my jaan.
13.Abad-ur-Rehman Khan religion is bulb and mysticism is current,
        Wild goose is the target they both trying to hunt.
14.A student should respect his teachers in order to gain,
    Abad-ur-Rehman Khan without clouds there is no rain.
15.Abad no one can forget his past
      Saint is slow and bullet is fast.
16.   Abad-ur-Rehman acute angle is not right angle,
Ignorance is more dangerous than The Bermuda triangle.
17.Accept my IQ challange Exam,
  Show me your intelligence Mam.
18.Abad-ur-Rehman Khan what makes an eagle different from a vulture,
Vulture comes down to eat the dead, whereas eagle follows no culture.
19.   Be a guide,
Don't commit suicide.
20.By conducting mehfils what do you want to show,
            O Muslims in this way you will not glow.
21.Beggars beg and workers earn,
         What lessons do we learn.
22.Beautiful bride full of pride,
         Coming as a sea tide.
23.Books are full of words and bookworms are reading them,
     Neither every book is impressive nor every word is a gem.
24. Cricket is a waste of time,
Hitler says wasting time is crime.
25.Can any saint show me the stamp of the god,
I guess not because most of the saints are fraud.
26.Close the door before an intruder comes in,
       Where is the angel and where is the gin.
27.Die in the hospital or die outside,
       The choice is yours to decide.
28.Don't ask me how do you do otherwise I have to explain,
Madam, my story is long and you don't want to miss your train.
29.       Day and night you smoke and you think this is a joke,
You are wasting your time and money life is more precious than honey.
30.Doctors are bad patients are sad,
   Doctors are good patients are glad.
31.Ducks can swim and eagles can fly,
     You are a human why don't you try.
32.During flood, they just see from above,
      Is this what our government call love.
33.Don't lose hope before death,
 Keep on struggling till last breath.
34.Not every light is a light of guidance,
  Some lights lead you towards night clubs.
34.Every light is not a light of guidance,
  Some lights lead you towards night clubs.
35.East west north, south,
   Please shut your mouth.
36.Every woman is not suitable to made wife,
           Abad it is the matter of whole life.
37.First is first, second is second third is third,
 Human is human animal is animal, bird is bird.
38.Face the truth like a man,
         Truth is not to ban.
39.   God is no where here or there,
Stop asking this question god is where.
40.  God is the light and the devil is the dark,
The only source of saintness is the divine spark.
41.Guns are not swords,
   Fools Plough on roads.
42.God is a mystery which is still unsolved,
      A mystery in which no one is involved.
43.Have you seen the sky,
      It looks blue and dry.
44.Hey, you want to take me down, Is this what you thought,
       This is your biggest mistake for the good I have fought.
45.Hey hey hey,
       I am ARK.
46.Hungry lions surround a deer and say hey look we are brave,
      This is the law of the jungle power can make anybody slave.
47.   Have not you noticed I am like a cloud,
Sometimes I am quiet and sometimes I am loud.
48.Hey beautiful young girl as a beautiful pearl,
            Never ever go bad it makes me sad.
49.Hey, you education World Champ,
         Abad will destroy your Camp.
50.Hey, you politician Mr drama,
   Abad will take off your pajama.
51. Hey Mr PCS and Miss CSS,
Accept my challenge and say yes.
52.Hath no room and going to become bridegroom,
             On a fools head growing mushroom.
53.Hath na room and going to become mushroom,
          A fool is happy and saying boom boom.
54.He who is a guide that does not need guidelines,
          You like it or not the sun always shines.
55.Have you seen a sample like me,
             I am one but I am we.
56.Hey Mr PhD show me your strength,
     Defeat me baby in your first attempt.
57.Have you climbed the peak,
         You just sit and speak.
58.He who lives in the world of bananas what to ask him of apple,
Worship is not humanity Muslim goes to the mosque and christian goes to the chapel. 
59.I am ringing bell,
 Mr scholar hear well.
60.In the chest there is no saintness just heart,
         In mysticism there is no end just start.
61.I want you to hold your pen,
      I will teach you one to ten.
62.I have offered my words of advice,
           It is up to you to cook rice.
63.I showed you the difference between straight and bend,
                No one ever has penned what I penned.
64.I committed a sin I confess,
 Yes, I speak the truth, I profess.
Abad-ur-Rehman Khan Proposing Urvashi Rautela
                   The Best Proposal Ever 
65.  I have never seen such a beauty in my life,
Urvashi will you marry me will you become my wife.
66.I don't know shakespeare and I don't know Baba Rehman 
      I only know one name which is Abad-ur-Rehman Khan.
67.I am not here to make your toys,
         I am here to test your boys.
68.I am sick of your conversation,
   You are a train without a station.
69.Intelligence is natural your teachers can't give you through a device,
Keep Quiet Mr slogan Quran says donkey has the ugliest voice.
70.In the eyes of death, there is no christian no Muslim no jew,
              Death is like a saw which cuts every yew.
71.I have showed you both positive and negative aspects,
          What will you do now deny or believe the facts.
72.I was born to teach the preachers,
Are you a human the best in creatures.
73.In merrymaking our leaders are involved,
     A dozen of problems are still unsloved.
74.     I weep in your love,
Urvashi Rautela you are above.
75.I am not a test tube baby,
   I am here to test you baby.